Prevention of prostatitis in the home


The most disgusting for men the disease is not a heart attack or a stroke, and prostatitis. You are trite, you can't play the thing — to go to the bathroom. When you try to urinate it hurts me all over, the urine comes out drop by drop, forcing along around in the bathroom and run in it back here in five minutes. And still pain in the groin, fever and chills... not Pleasant.

To understand how to prevent the development of the disease, and as prevention from prostatitis, there is, we have spoken with experts in this field.

Where to begin the prevention of prostatitis

  1. To protect yourself from infections

    The main reason for prostatitis is an infection. Therefore, it is very important to avoid the penetration of germs in the prostate.

    In the prostate can get two types of microbes:

    • the causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases;
    • and. coli.

    In the first case, the prevention of prostatitis and understandable. Whatever bella was a girl and as I would not like to without a condom — nor-nor! Yes, and not only prostatitis protect you.

    In the second case, the escherichia coli can get into your precious member with dirty hands, not washed after using the toilet, and during anal sex without a condom. Yes, even with the wife. Then hygiene is our all! Wash your hands, wash the cock, use a condom.

  2. Not SuperCool

    Because of hypothermia drops the immune system and stagnates the blood in the pelvic organs. The same and. coli, which is normally present in our body, can quickly multiply and leave it there, if you freeze. Stagnant blood causes swelling in the organs, including carcinoma of the prostate. At the end of the worse goes to the urine and microbes easier to attack and reproduce.

    - For the prevention of prostatitis it is important to avoid the main risk factors. It is important not supercool and sober, assess their strength during the hardening process. Net subcooling the body cannot resist the infection, with which up to that properly managed, - experts explain.

  3. Move more!

    In our time, when most of the time we are sitting in the office, then we go sitting in the car, and then take a comfortable position on the sofa favorite, the movements of the body is not enough seriously! There is no movement — it begins the stasis of the blood, the pelvic organs compressed, and they work worse.

    - The best prevention of prostatitis — keep as much as possible, a sedentary life, - the experts recommend the. - Go for a walk for lunch, do some testing in the office after long meetings and during the drafting of the report, climbing the stairs instead of the elevator. Use any opportunity to walk!

  4. Do have sex regularly

    Normal sex is beautiful, the prevention of prostatitis. He is the key to a good long work prostate. During sex, powerful increases blood circulation, the better are the metabolic processes. Also in this case, the prostate actively highlights the juice, which is the liquid part of the semen. No stagnation, and therefore, no possibility of infection of the foot. Masturbation in this sense, the worst, if not the active movements of the pelvis and not a powerful increase circulation.

    But remember safety, sexually transmitted infections. Precautions!

  5. Do not abuse alcohol

    In the first place, the alcohol in and of itself reduces the immune system and the body is more difficult to fight infections. In the second place, the alcohol dilates blood vessels, and this leads to various edema, which we have already spoken. In the third place, by a drunken you can pull the deeds. And there already and before the unprotected sex close to you with an unknown woman, and fall asleep in a strange place on the cold floor.

  6. Treat chronic diseases

    With hypothermia, or large quantities of alcohol the infection can enter the prostate gland and other internal organs of the outbreaks of infection. For example, decayed tooth. An outbreak may also become chronic sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis media, bronchitis or sore throat. Apparently, where the throat and where the prostate is, here it is. Therefore, for the prevention of prostatitis and other diseases must necessarily treat outbreaks of chronic infection.

Medicines from prostatitis

Used for the treatment of a range of medicines from prostatitis:

  • antibiotics. Since the main cause of prostatitis — infection in the first place, they just treat her.
  • anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers (scientifically non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs"). These medicines reduce temperature during the acute prostatitis, relieve the pain and inflammation of the prostate.
  • alpha-blockers. These drugs relaxing the prostate gland and improve the passage of urine. Due to inflammation of the prostate increasing in size, it presses on the urethra and makes urine normally go to.
  • vitamins and food supplements. Improve to restore the normal function of the prostate gland after the infection has passed and the inflammation shot.

Here are the devices that are sold for the treatment of prostatitis, in 99% useless, experts believe. Here a laser, suppressor and electromagnetic miracle-priborchiki.

Folk remedies prostatitis

The most popular popular method of treatment for prostatitis is the propolis. Apply his advice and the form of candles, and in tincture form. Considering that propolis is a small anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, but the key word — small! Nor fight the infection source, prostatitis, nor relieve the inflammation, where a hell of pain and temperature below 40 degrees, propolis, of course, will not be able to.

Another popular remedy for prostatitis — pumpkin seeds. Eaten — and the order. But in reality, we have to understand that pumpkin seeds are effective only for certain types of worms. And then, do not kill them, but simply expresses discomfort, from which the worms can start to crawl out of a person. Because the worms do not cause prostatitis, and treatment pumpkin seeds does not make sense.

Many use for the treatment of prostatitis and burdock root. The burdock has diuretic properties and healing effect, and there still are a lot of inulin, which is useful in diabetes mellitus. Injuries such as those with prostatitis, no, because it deal nothing special. And, behold, the diuretic effect will give you the torture. Imagine you so the urine can't fight through a urethra, prostate, and even further increases the pressure, increasing themselves the pain and the frequency of the visits to the toilet. It is necessary that?

In the folk medicine for the treatment of prostatitis is also recommended to apply the broth of the bear (red) of the root. The main effect of its application — anti-inflammatory. But it's pretty weak to bring down the temperature and pain. In addition, the infection bearish the root, not fights.

- Our people is so serious, that can be anything. - experts say. - At the base of all the medicines, that are now advertised and sold as dietary Supplements, are the components of the system. They have easy-to-anti-inflammatory and antibacterial efficiency. But as the only means of treatment of the prostatitis are too weak, as they are extremely low efficiency. Advise I can not. The main problem of folk medicine — a loss of time and after the start of regular treatment.

Bathroom with prostatitis

- The most effective way popular treatment for prostatitis is Turkish! - experts say. - The heating, the alternating hot and cold can be useful. But it is important to remember that the bathroom is contraindicated to people that have problems with heart and blood vessels. It is a very important moment! In patients over the age of 50 years need to be 100% sure that this is prostatitis, but not cancer of the prostate. Because the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, such as adenoma and carcinoma of the prostate. It is important not to waste time trying to cure, not the illness. The procedure is the following: first, to exclude cancer, and then cure the prostatitis.

Walking into a Turkish bath or a sauna for the treatment of prostatitis is possible only with good health! You can't walk immediately after a meal, or in a state of intoxication. You can't walk in acute prostatitis, when you have the fever! Only after the normalization of well-being to secure the treatment and prevention of prostatitis.

In the steam room or sauna better not to get hot, walking for fun and not for the endurance record. Went for 15-20 minutes in a steam room, sitting — left to rest for 30-40 minutes. Then you can still go warm. In the event of snow or ice in the pool is better not to climb — if not, you can get a new wave of prostatitis from the cold!

Exercises at home to practice from prostatitis

- Exercises for the prevention of prostatitis in the internet now much. But for the most part it's all marketing and advertising, - believe the experts. - Ordinary EVERYDAY walk, squat and climb the stairs that will bring much more! It is understood that it is not hunting, but will make an effort to show at least a minimum of activity. And regular sex life!

If you have e.g. an office job, nothing prevents that during the lunch break to go to the dining room to take the elevator, and go through several floors on foot. Sitting 2 hours in a meeting? After him, out into the hallway and take a couple of sit-ups. In general, the squat is an exercise that's well pushes out the blood in the basin and to grapple with the stasi.

After work I got home — leave the car in the courtyard of the house and go to a auto shop, and do not enter into him on the street. Climbs on your floor of the stairs and not the elevator. If it lives up very high, — a part of the way to the elevator, and some steps to walk.

You need to exercise regularly. Record is not necessary, but walking for 40 minutes a day or at the gym 2-3 times a week with exercises for the lower part of the body will help you. Bike, walk, squat, the inclinations, the swimming is very good exercise to practice at home, in a prostatitis.

Remember the main exercises for the prevention of prostatitis:

  • walk;
  • squat;
  • tilt forward;
  • mahi feet;
  • leg lifting lying down;
  • walk the stairs;
  • cycling;
  • swimming.