Medicines from prostatitis


Prostatitis is an acute inflammatory process that occurs in the tissues of the prostate.

Currently the line of drugs from prostatitis is widely represented.

Any medication for the treatment of prostatitis must be administered by a medical specialist. The majority of medications can be divided into several groups.


Apply in such a case, if the disease is of viral nature. They are effective in the treatment of prostatitis.

Antibacterial group of drugs

Antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis are allocated in those cases, when the agents are pathogenic bacteria. Since the analysis for the definition of types of microbes that have caused the acute inflammation, are more than a week, and the conditions of the acute patient does not allow you to wait for a long time, the treatment most often develop "blind". Originally prescribed the broad-spectrum antibiotics, and already the results of the bacteriological analysis, the treatment can be adjusted.

A list of antibacterial drugs varied.


The acronym of this group of drugs is the acronym of "anti-inflammatory drugs". These drugs for the treatment of prostatitis are awarded for the pain and increased tone of the muscles in the perineum, problems during urination, inflammatory process. Objective the use of these drugs is to remove the negative, painful symptoms symptoms: malaise, swelling, increased body temperature.


This group of drugs, doctors prescribe, when it is necessary to facilitate the outflow of the urine of the patient, reduce the likelihood of effects hyperplasia.

Medications, to relieve increased muscle tone

This group of substances are muscle relaxants, the capacity of which is to remove spasm of the pelvic muscles.

Examples of actions often used drugs

Action of medicines from prostatitis, in the therapy should be directed to:

  • restore the blood microcirculation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels,
  • reduce the swelling,
  • adjustment function of the genitourinary system,
  • the regulation of the metabolism of the prostate gland,
  • the normalization of urination and the functioning of the prostate.