All the treatment of prostatitis in men

Today prostatitis called the most common disease, with approximately 35-40 percent of men are turning to a urologist. It occurs because of inflammation of the prostate, to which lead external and internal factors. Patients, first of all, are interested in, treated if the prostatitis and what you can do to prevent the complications of this disease?


What is prostatitis?

Prostatitis called inflammation of the prostate gland. Occur can a result of a weakened immune system, the body of infection, cold, stress, sedentary life-style, active or, on the contrary, irregular sexual life.

The prostate or the prostate is a part of the male reproductive system. She is at the base of the urethra. The size of the prostate can be compared with the value of the walnut. The main function of this organ and the production of a secret, responsible for the activity of the sperm.

There are 4 types of diseases:

  • Chronic bacterial.
  • Chronic, is not associated with the development of bacteria.
  • Chronic asymptomatic.
  • Pungent.

This last aspect is diagnosed less commonly and is characterized by peak current. The patient raises the temperature in the area of the basin appear to be in severe pain, premature ejaculation becomes painful, urine exits the blood. When the patient need emergency treatment, which requires substantially of stay in the hospital.

All other types of prostatitis do not have obvious manifestations, then diagnose them isn't always easy. The main symptoms are chronic types of diseases refer to:

  1. The pain in the lower abdomen (can give back).
  2. Secretion, urethral discharge (may be clear or purulent).
  3. Disorders of the sexual function.
  4. Frequent urination.

Prostatitis may be asymptomatic and is diagnosed only on the basis of the results of the analysis. Occur can a man over the age of 25 years. After 35 years the risk of development increases considerably, and the age of 45, the likelihood of the diagnosis of prostatitis is 50%. Therefore, in adulthood, it is necessary each year to make the visit a urologist, that will help you detect the disease in initial stage and the time of starting the treatment.

The diagnosis of the disease

Determine the presence of prostatitis is able to only urologist. After the inspection you can assign an additional examination:

  • Physical examination – palpation of the prostate, during which it is possible to determine the state and size of the breast.
  • The transrectal ULTRASOUND.
  • The analysis of the smear or the secret of the prostate for the presence of leukocytes and bacteria.
  • The analysis of the urine, which can be found protein, white blood cells and bacteria.
  • The analysis of the seminal fluid.
the symptoms of prostatitis

We have written a detailed article that explains how to perform the delivery for the analysis of the seminal fluid (semen) and how to prepare for the procedure.

  • Cytological analysis of urine.
  • Bacteriological tests of the urine.
  • The analysis of the protein level of the DOG.
  • Urodynamics.
  • The cystoscopy. Assign can only be in the presence of indications, in the case of an accident or during preparation for surgery.

The treatment of prostatitis

Show conservative and surgical techniques for the treatment of prostatitis. Conservatives refer to:

  1. The use of drugs.
  2. Massage to the prostate.
  3. Physiotherapy.
  4. The special exercises.
  5. The thermal treatment.

To request the intervention of the appeal then already, when the disease is passed in execution the form and the tissue of the prostate so healed, that it is unable to perform the essential functions.

Conservative treatment

The mainstay of treatment of prostatitis is the use of drugs and physical therapy, including the latest techniques. For maximum effect, we recommend that you use different methods of therapy in the complex.

Treatment with medications

How to cure prostatitis in any stage of its development, can say only a doctor after necessary analysis and research. In the treatment of prostatitis always used drugs:

  • Antibacterial drugs. Their purpose is due to the fact that in the majority of cases, the cause of the disease is the development of bacterial microflora.
  • Blockers alpha-adrenergic receptors – a group of drugs used to relax the muscles of the organs directly in contact with the prostate (urethra, bladder). The methodology for their application is considered new, however, is able to prove its effectiveness.
  • Non-steroid drugs. Drugs that can decrease the feeling of pain and relieve the inflammation. Should be administered in conjunction with antimicrobial drugs.
  • Medicines, capable to eliminate stagnation in the prostate tissues.
  • Improve microcirculation to help suppositories with a pain reliever.
  • Restore the permeability of the capillaries to help.
  • With prostatitis, can be given hormonal drugs.


For the treatment of prostatitis in men widely used physiotherapy. In the direction of the attending physician, the patient can visit:

  • The magnetic therapy. The procedure aims to improve the nutrition of the cells of the prostate gland, the excretion of the degradation products of the cells and stimulate the immunity local. Thanks magnet therapy, the inflamed fast delivery of antibiotics, improves the flow of blood.
  • MICROWAVE-therapy promotes dilation of the capillaries and improve the nutrition of the tissues of the prostate.
  • Low frequency stimulation current with the help of an electrode placed in the cavity of the urethra. In consequence of the breast is stagnant secret.
  • Laser therapy helps reduce blood viscosity, dissolution of small blood clots.
  • Vacuum therapy is also applied with the laser therapy. Following a procedure improves the flow of blood to the organ.
  • For the treatment of prostatitis in men it is used ozone therapy. During the procedure, the urethra is injected a liquid with a high content of ozone.

The scheme of treatment of prostatitis is established individually for each patient.

massage of the prostate

Massage of the prostate

Not long ago, in a list of procedures that it is possible to cure prostatitis has been introduced to the massage of the breast. Use it to relieve the phenomena of stagnation in the body, and the excretion of the products of exchange with the blood and the lymph. Use the massage after the resolution of a process acute, and fight pathogenic bacteria.

The event uses the finger, which is inserted in the rectum. Perform the massage must medical. Alternatively you can use a special massage with vibration, which combines the vibration with the action of the laser radiation and the creation of a magnetic field. This procedure is used to improve the income of nutrients to the body and drain its learned.

Herbal medicine

It is well known that phytotherapy is an alternative to the use of drugs in the treatment of many diseases. And ' possible to cure prostatitis with his help? Very often to improve the metabolic processes of the prostate, doctors recommend the use of medicinal herbs (licorice, nettle, peony, plantain, st. john's wort, etc). All these plants contain a lot of selenium and zinc. But you can use only a need of a integrated therapy. Usually, these decoctions of herbs used for the bathroom.

We have prepared for you an article on the treatment of prostatitis folk remedies.

The introduction of stem cells

The disease, which has failed to pass in the chronic form, can be treated with the introduction in the tissue of the organ from stem cells. In this way, it is possible to replace the damaged cells in good health.


Oriental medicine has been successfully used the technique for centuries for the treatment of various diseases. To make such a procedure can only particularly qualified doctors. After the exposure to certain points of the body, and increases blood flow to the prostate.


Excellent results have indicated the treatment of prostatitis, with the help of leeches, who have particular substances that promote:

  1. The liquefaction of the blood.
  2. The control of edema.
  3. Restore the microcirculation of the blood.

For the treatment of leeches to put it in the anus. Treatment of prostatitis using this method consists of 5 sessions, a pause between a treatment should be 3-4 days.

prostatitis is an operation

The surgical treatment

In the initial phase of prostatitis is curable. For this we use medications, physical therapy, etc. However, if the disease progresses in the course of a prolonged period of time, have recourse to request the intervention of:

  • Resection of the prostate. In this part of the prostate must be eliminated.
  • Prostatectomy. So it is called the process of complete removal of the prostate.
  • Drain the abscess. From the breast is removed pus.


Better to treat prostatitis according to the doctor-the urologist after examination of the patient. But, like any other disease, prostatitis is easier to prevent than to get rid of the consequences of the disease. For this you need to:

  1. Lead an active lifestyle. Regular physical exercise will leave the stagnant phenomena in the pelvis and improve circulation. A good effect are: swimming, hiking, dancing, fitness. It is worth to avoid power sports.
  2. To ensure a correct power supply. It would be appropriate to limit the number of fried, salted, fatty, spicy, marinated and smoked food. The basis of the diet should be: fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, cereals. It is important to adhere to the drinking.