Medicines from prostatitis — which one to choose?

The disease is dangerous its consequences, which can be different and is not very bright. The acute stage is dangerous to the development of an abscess of the prostate gland. The chronic phase is the most danger — the plates of the prostate, when the prostate tissue to replace the scars, and this leads to wrinkly in color and very strong reduction in terms of the size of the prostate.

the medication

The prostate is the main center for the production of male sex hormones, which allows men to be this way and feel men. The glandular tissue of the prostate produces prostatic fluid — the secret of the prostate gland and the sex hormones.

The inflammation of the prostate often leads to disruption of sexual function, a negative impact on the process of training the male sexual cells of spermatogenesis.

Before prescribing drugs male necessarily need to do the analysis to understand where what has caused the inflammation. It is important for the treatment has been carried out up to complete healing. This allows you to avoid recurrence, complications, transfer of chronic prostatitis. The doctors running the effects on disease. Apply the following tools:

  • pills;
  • injections;
  • rectal candles;
  • double;
  • the instillation – filling of the cavity internal medicine;
  • massage of the prostate;
  • physiotherapy;
  • the therapy of the infusion during the intoxication.

The best cure for prostatitis highlight difficult – there is a wide choice of medications with a variety of action:

  • pills – you need to take the oral technique, kills germs, relieves spasms, reduce pain, eliminate depression;
  • injections – medication is injected in the muscle, vienna, fast, enters the body, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, stimulates the immune system;
  • candle – are placed in the rectum, heartburn or acid reflux have anti-bacterial properties.

Effective medicines and schema for their application

For the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis apply antibiotics, which can suppress the microflora pathogenic.

the symptoms

Thus, they may be administered antibacterial drugs groups such as fluoroquinolones, macrolides, tetracyclines, cephalosporins.

In the chronic form of the disease in order to get a good therapeutic effect antibacterial drugs apply long enough. Duration of treatment depends on many factors, the period of therapy may vary from 2 to 6 weeks.

Drug therapy can only assign a doctor, not with prostatitis-medication.

If the patient discomfort painful symptoms, to heal, to help the medicinal. Which pills from prostatitis, most effective? A drug does not exist, the choice depends on the problem.

An effective treatment for prostatitis? Over antibiotics after the examination, the specialist can prescribe the patient, and other dosage forms. Here are the three most effective medicines that help to cope with the disease.


Alpha blockers are medications for the prostate, designed to facilitate the course of the disease, but not cure her.

One of the main manifestations of prostatitis is a disorder of the urinary functions. Competent agonists appointment has the purpose to normalize the urination, restore male sexual function.

This group of funds is used actively, not only with prostatitis, but also with the adenoma of the prostate, and their effectiveness is based on the blocking of receptors, alpha-adrenergic agonists, with the aim to avoid their contact with noradrenaline and agonists. As a result, the receptors in the vessels do not receive vasoconstrictor nerve signals, you get their expansion, with a consequent improvement of the circulation of the blood.

How to choose the right medication

To find an effective remedy, it is necessary to consider what kind of shape is flowing prostatitis. This depends on the success of the treatment. In the acute form of the disease prescribed antibiotics. The medication, the duration of the course, collects doctor – it all depends on the results of the analysis, the causes of prostatitis. Process acute accompanied by:

  • high temperature;
  • the appearance of chills;
  • purulent discharge;
  • pain in the groin area;
  • stimulus to urinate.

If the prostatitis is not recovered on, moved in the chronic form, will be observed the pain in the organs of the genitourinary system, reducing power, irritability, insomnia. In such a situation, effective tools will improve blood circulation, relieve pain, swelling, inflammation, resist microbes. The doctors use:

Anti-inflammatory medications

Are a group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are usually assigned as the treatment and the resolution of various pain, and are perfect to relieve the inflammation of the prostate gland.

Despite the quality gains, the treatment may not give the desired effect, and in these cases, the doctor will insert another group of hormonal drugs.

Prostatitis in men treated with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS/NSAIDS), meet the requirements of efficiency, but at the same time, safe for the body. The task of these drugs is the suppression of an inflammatory process that affects the prostate gland, and, perhaps, the seminal vesicles, the bladder neck and the distal department of the urinary tract.

When ineffective, the therapy with antibiotics, or in the case of non-bacterial nature of the disease are assigned anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

NSAIDS suppress actively any inflammation, relieve swelling, possess strong analgesic properties. Because of the negative effects of these medicines on the digestive system of the patient, recommended courses their applications with an interval of a week.


Until today non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland are available in the form of:

  • rectal candles;
  • tablets/capsules;
  • the injection/puncture.

Anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids and hormonal)

The use of hormonal drugs in the treatment of prostatitis is only allowed in the case of chronic course of the disease, in which antibiotics, alpha-blockers, and anti-inflammatory medications is not able to normalize a disturbed hormonal balance.

Depending on your objectives, the patient can be assigned as androgens that increase the level of male hormones (testosterone) in the blood, and estrogen, suppressing the production of dihydrotestosterone, which causes excessive growth of prostate tissue.

In the treatment of prostatitis strictly according to the testimony of the physician can be applied hormonal drugs, which are called to carry out the following activities:

  • delete the inflammatory process;
  • stimulate erectile function.

The most effective remedy for prostatitis

The disease can long not to exercise. A slight pain and discomfort do not cause anxiety. These signs are enough to pass quickly and without the intervention of doctors.

Insidious disease is that the penetration of infection in the prostate in the process is to involve the entire urinary tract due to the enjoyment system and adjacent tissue, which results in more urological complications.

Develops pyelonephritis, cystitis, the defeat of the reproductive system with complications in the form of urethritis, of vesiculitis, infertility, adenoma, and from here.

the choice

The symptomatology of the disease depends on the nature of the inflammatory process, the duration of the disease, the degree of injury of adjacent organs, the regular sexual contacts. Also plays an important role, that type of lifestyle (active or passive) leads the man.

Causes look chronic form of the disease:

  • the infection of the genitourinary system and prostate (ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, candida, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, gonococcal and herpes infection);
  • violation of blood flow in the pelvis, which leads to stagnation phenomena;
  • reduction in the immunity of varied etiology;
  • the lack of exercise and inactive, sedentary work;
  • the transitional inner life, the long period of abstinence, the interruption of sexual intercourse without orgasm;
  • fatigue, injury and damage;
  • the abuse of alcohol and sharp products;
  • containment of urination and violation of the chair (constipation).


As is well known, during the treatment of any disease, reduced immunity, worsens the general condition. As a complement to the basic treatment prescribed drugs that increase the body's defenses — the town and the local immune system.

Complicated acute prostatitis exacerbated with the development of immunosuppression, which can be expanded under the influence of a number of antibiotics and other drugs. For this reason, there occurs the need to strengthen the resistance (resistance) of the body with respect to the microflora pathogenic, exercising with the help Immunostimulants.

Don't forget that strengthen immunity also contribute vitamins A, c and e, therefore, experts recommend that actively consume products containing these substances in large quantities.



Pain medications, usually, serve in the early stages of therapy, when the treatment is not yet time to improve the functional status of the prostate, for which the patient experiences pain during urination, defecation, a long-sitting on a solid surface or physical activity.

I have listed funds there are a variety of structural equivalents (generics), and are manufactured by many companies, however, the doctors advise to give preference to the national pain killers to not overpay for the brand.

Muscle relaxants

From the class of muscle relaxants in urology agreed to assign antispasmodics – drugs that promote the relaxation of smooth muscle, which is in a state of paralysis. This therapy is effective in acute in the course of prostatitis that causes spasm of the involuntary muscles of the prostate and the whole pelvic floor.


Herbal medicines that are with prostatitis, are often Badami, issued in the form of rectal suppositories, capsules or tablets. Popular extracts, form the basis of such medications – crust african plum, fruits creeping (or nano) and palm grass creeping Tribulus. A little less used extract of the prostate animals (cattle).

There is also a group of medicines, such as homeopathic medicines for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate.

Rectal candle

Another dosage form for the treatment of prostatitis – candle. This is one of the most effective means of prostatitis. Their range is now so wide that deciding on suitable difficult. We analyze three of the most effective species.

Ichthyol candle – an effective remedy for the treatment of prostatitis. The medication is based on ichthammol, which is associated with sulphur, for which these candles has a specific pungent odor.

Apply in various forms of prostatitis. The candles have an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect, have curative properties, to restore the tone of the blood vessels, improve blood circulation, strengthen the processes of exchange.

As contraindications has only hypersensitivity to components of the medication. The course of treatment ichthyol candles recommend to continue until it is observed a complete recovery.


It is very important do not run the disease and the time to contact a specialist. But even more important to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis. It is always better to prevent the occurrence of the disease, that to cure then a chronic form. There are very complex measures of prevention:

  • you better give up "fashionable" underwear, which causes discomfort and all compresses;
  • wear cotton panties municipalities, which may not restrict the movements and does not interrupt the flow of the blood;
  • avoid hypothermia (especially in the groin area);
  • how is it possible to move more.

All of the above is only for primary prevention. But for the best confidence in his / her state of health, it is necessary to respect the measures, and secondary prevention:

  • the periodic inspection by a urologist;
  • application of multivitamins and other support the immunity of the funds.

Prostatitis affect further the possibility of procreation, only if the disease is passed into the acute form with severe complications -. Form easy, even chronic prostatitis does not affect the possibility of conceiving a child.

It is not superfluous before running designed to be examined by a urologist. Because very often the cause of prostatitis is an infection. And in this case, the harmful bacteria can be transmitted, and a woman, or negatively affect the future of the child.

By observing the preventive measures and recommendations, the men can protect themselves from chronic prostatitis or reduce to a minimum the risk of the disease. For this we need:

  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • she wears a wide, comfortable underwear in natural fabrics;
  • balance the diet, the body receives the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, in particular zinc;
  • give up bad habits (alcohol and smoking);
  • lead a normal love life;
  • not supercool, do sports, hardening, strengthening the immune system;
  • avoid stressful situations, if necessary, take anxiety medications and drugs of natural origin (valerian, motherwort, peony).

All men after 20 years recommended annual scheduled visit a urologist.

Notice of prostatitis requires, first and foremost, a healthy lifestyle, including regular sexual activity.