Instructions for use PredstaVit

PredstaVit, how to use the medication

Instructions for use PredstaVit

Instructions for use capsules attached to the packaging of the medication. Use the instrument according to instructions in the manual, for the treatment of chronic prostatitis are passed on quickly and effectively.

Drink 1 capsule before eating, drink a bit of water. Use the tool 2-3 times a day, the rate of application is 1 month.

  • For the first week you will feel a marked improvement, you will be the primary the symptoms of urinary tract due to the enjoyment your system will return to normal.
  • 8-21 the day of receipt – the body will hatch the toxins, the body completely to cope with the inflammation, the return power.
  • 22-30 days – the therapeutic effect rooted, increases the overall tone of the body, increase the power of men.


  • Pain during urination, burning sensation.
  • The discomfort in the crotch and the lower abdomen.
  • The lack or the weakening of erection.
  • Problems with orgasm.


Capsules PredstaVit developed specifically for the use of maximum group men in France, the natural composition of the funds has no contraindications, just make sure that you do not have allergies to components separated the medication.